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NEC Display Solutions Europe has unveiled four additions to its MultiSync® XUN Series range of large format displays, bringing an even better viewing experience thanks to a thinner bezel and a new feature set of display improvements.

The updated range will bring a host of new benefits including Auto Tile Matrix, Frame Comp and myriad of industry-first innovations. Furthermore, the new models are diversified to help address different market needs. The 55-inch display X554UNS, with a bezel of just 3.5mm, is aimed at high-end applications, the XUN models in 46- (X464UN) and 55-inch (X554UN) for 24/7 usage and high brightness and the X464UNV, 46-inch model, for budget driven investments requiring less brightness and operating windows of no more than 16 hours at time.

“The XUN Series displays have been incredibly popular with our customers and achieved outstanding market share. These new additions bring something for every large format display user. The thinner bezel means video walls offer better total image quality, less disturbance from bezel, overall a more high-end and impressive experience,” said Thomas Walter, Product Manager Public Display Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

“Generally, the result is not just a better experience for viewers, but improved eco-friendliness, reduced cost and added convenience for customers. This combination makes us confident in saying we are ushering in a new era of the videowall experience, with a feature and price set to match every scenario.”

The Auto Tile Matrix feature automatically sets up all relevant TileMatrix settings for an installation when multiple displays are daisy chained via DisplayPort and LAN. On that note, daisy chaining is improved thanks to an integrated two-port LAN hub. This reduces cabling within videowall installations as the LAN daisy chain function combines LAN, RS232, IR and ambient light sensor into one single network cable. In addition, all digital video inputs can be looped out via the DisplayPort out connector, supporting 4K / UHD resolutions on a 2×2 wall.

As well as a full high-definition panel and LED backlighting, display performance is enhanced thanks to the Frame Comp chip, an integrated hardware circuit that cuts out any delay when displaying fast moving content. This feature helps to stop the slight frame mismatch of individual displays within a wall to create one stunning image canvas over all screens by synchronising the content.

The updated range also incorporates an NFC sensor and matching app for Android devices. This will reduce installation cost as displays can be easily configured before they are mounted. Installers simply set the configuration once in the app and then just copy settings on all displays in the install without the displays needing to be connected to power. Maintenance is simplified as service relevant information can easily be downloaded by just holding a tablet or smartphone to the display, also making failure reporting more convenient for the user.

Three integrated memory banks of the programmable Look-Up-Table (LUT) are available to store different colour calibration settings, saving time and effort during set up for mobile installations or fixed installations with varying brightness or colour temperature requirements.

The combination of LED backlighting, reduced size and weight, as well as other power and thermal management features, ensure that the new XUN Series displays align with NEC’s Green Vision for sustainability and are as eco-friendly as possible.

All the new additions also incorporate an interface extension slot and NEC’s OPS option slot, which allows for the integration of single board computers and other option slot products based on the current NEC and new NEC/Intel OPS standard without the need to stow external equipment.


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