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MultiSync® EA244UHD reinforces industry leadership with start of UHD monitor roadmap.

With an impressive 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution, the 24-inch monitor offers an outstanding clarity of image, perfecting important and critical granular details for the viewer. As well as delivering high performance and industry-leading quality, the EA244UHD also offers significant technological advances through a wide colour gamut panel with 14-bit gamma processing for improved colour accuracy. This is augmented by the comfortable size of the wide format screen, which allows for a generous workspace that can be applied and utilised within a variety of professional office, image intensive and creative design industries.

“In conjunction with 4K being cited at this year’s CES and by industry experts as a trend to watch in 2014, the potential for UHD goes well beyond just consumer televisions. Many professional and enterprise desktop display applications will benefit from more life-like and reliable imaging, particularly when vital image-based decisions have to be made,” said Christopher Parker, Product Line Manager Desktop Displays at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “As a display market leader, this launch reinforces NEC’s leading role in offering 4K UHD displays and projectors. It offers a new perspective on professional productivity by combining crystal clear and accurate images with the best in connectivity, form and function.”

Offering the latest DisplayPort connectivity, as well as a range of DVI and HDMI inputs, this monitor can be used in any environment where decision making based on highly detailed, accurate and reliable image quality is demanded. Those using a multiscreen configuration will also benefit from the ControlSync harmonisation feature that matches brightness, white point temperature, energy saving and other settings, as well as the ability to turn up to six synchronised displays on and off with one button.

Excellent ergonomic comfort makes the EA244UHD monitor very user-friendly and further enhances professional productivity. It also incorporates USB ports, built-in speakers and the latest version of the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) allowing device charging and the connection of a smartphone’s image content directly to the display.

The EA244UHD is a perfect high-end professional display for a variety of sectors including industrial, aviation and scientific organisations, and will appeal to anyone who cares about their images. For instance, just one practical example is in the aviation vertical, where the monitor’s high richness of detail and fast reaction time make it an integral component for air traffic control. Other examples include geographic information systems, design, control rooms and surveillance, as well as simulators, photography and broadcasting.

The combination of LED backlighting, more recycled plastics and being free of hazardous materials, as well as several energy saving features and sensors, ensures that the EA244UHD display aligns with NEC’s Green Vision for sustainability and is as eco-friendly as possible.

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