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With advanced OptiCom Technology to reduce impact on eyes from harmful blue light, the LE-Series is ideal for home and office multimedia applications.

AG Neovo is happy to roll out a brand new series of displays meant to accommodate multimedia applications in both home and office settings. Crafted with cutting-edge OptiCom™ technology, the LE-series displays—available in 22”, 24”, and 27” models—promise to provide users with an immensely more pleasurable viewing experience while protecting the eye from harmful blue light emission and distracting flickering.

It has been empirically verified that excessive exposure to the blue light emission notoriously associated with LED-backlit displays tends to cause retinal stress, which in turn is directly to blame for age-related macular degeneration.

The LE-22, LE-24 and LE-27 reduce user exposure to blue light emission—by as much as 90 percent—by tweaking it at the source and moving the wavelength peak of the LED backlight out of its usual vision-impairing range. In so doing, the displays suffer no image dimming or distortion, meaning that both colour fidelity and image clarity are kept intact. Users no longer need to settle for inferior image quality, a compromise necessary for conventional solutions that use films or software configurations to filter out blue light and thus result in yellowish screens and reduced brightness.

All three LED-backlit, 1920 x 1080 Full HD displays feature an IPS panel that delivers consistent, accurate colours at all viewing angles. A 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio readily translates into a stunning level of picture clarity and colour performance.

Versatility stands out as a definitive strength required of displays intended for multimedia environments. The LE-series displays share an ergonomically designed stand that offers the options of tilting, pivoting and swivelling; its height is adjustable to allow for multiple viewing perspectives. Also fitted with built-in speakers, the displays provide HDMI connectivity that allows users to take full advantage of their potential for supporting other devices or peripherals.

“Both professionals in the office and consumers in the home have good reason to choose the LE-series as their multimedia displays, depending on their needs,” says Debbie Deng, Product Manager of AG Neovo. “Thanks to OptiCom™ technology, AG Neovo’s latest proprietary innovation, users can now enjoy a more satisfying viewing experience without tiring or hurting their eyes even if they spend hours on end in front of their screen.”

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