The new NEC MultiPresenter

The missing link to easy wireless presenting – NEC MultiPresenter Application + Stick MP10RX Frustration caused by connectivity or networking issues and a jumble of cable in meeting rooms are all too common, Wireless presenting brings a breath of fresh air to corporate meeting rooms and classrooms, effortlessly sharing content via NEC projectors or large format[…]

Specktron appoints Mentor Distribution for UK

Mentor Distribution has been appointed as UK distributor for the full range of Specktron products. Adam Dent, European regional manager at Specktron said of the appointment: “Mentor’s specialisation in and focus on the display market is an ideal fit with Specktron’s channel led approach. We are delighted to be working with Mentor to bring more choice[…]


Monitor specifications can be quite technical, panel technology in particular. But you should not underestimate this important feature. Understanding the panel technology, will give you the feel for the overall performance characteristics of the display. Determine which applications are important to perform your daily activities and select the panel type closest to your needs. Choosing[…]

NEC MultiSync® PA322UHD-2-SV2

NEC MultiSync® PA322UHD-2-SV2 | 32″ UHD Display Professional Reference 10-bit IPS type with IGZO technology and W-LED Display unites high reliability, uncompromising image quality and highly accurate colour reproduction. The PA322UHD-2-SV2 allows 24/7 usage and error-free, intensive viewing. The included SpectraView II application software works with the in-built SpectraView Engine 14-bit LUT and an external[…]

iiyama G-Master Gaming Range

G-MASTER GB2488HSU-B2 | Red Eagle Fly high with your ultimate partner in battle The 24’’ G-MASTER GB2488HSU known as Red Eagle is a real game changer, giving true gamers the competitive edge they need to make split second decisions. It spikes down on your enemies with a blistering 1 ms response time, ensuring fluid and[…]

iiyamas New large format display, ProLite TF6537UHSC-B1AG

iiyamas new large format display, ProLite TF6537UHSC-B1AG is an impressive 65 inch 4K display designed for continuous operation. Landscape, portrait and face-up friendly, it is an excellent solution for Interactive Digital Signage, Instore Retail, Kiosks and Interactive Presentations, and one of the best commercial touch display investments.   IPS panel technology / 4K Its high quality IPS[…]


The 70, 80 and 90 inch (178, 203 and 229 cm) LCD-panels feature a detail-rich FullHD resolution, eye-pleasing black levels for ergonomic viewing and state-of-the-art connectivity optimized to the needs of corporate applications. The NEC MultiSync E Series displays succeed in balancing impressive visual performance with a budget-oriented large format presentation without compromise. The 70,[…]


With advanced OptiCom Technology to reduce impact on eyes from harmful blue light, the LE-Series is ideal for home and office multimedia applications. AG Neovo is happy to roll out a brand new series of displays meant to accommodate multimedia applications in both home and office settings. Crafted with cutting-edge OptiCom™ technology, the LE-series displays—available[…]